About Us
Misty Morning Labradors Kennel is a small family owned kennel. We live on five and one quarter acres in Manakin Sabot, Goochland County, Virginia.

We started out in 1994, with our first Labrador Retriever, Zipper, a yellow female. About a month after Zipper arrived, we took her sister, Emma, a black lab, home with us. Emma had one litter but due to complications had to be spayed. We lost Emma to cancer in June 2004. Zipper passed away May 2006. These two girls were part of our family and are truly missed each and every day.

We love the Labrador breed and wanted to raise them. Where we were living, in a sub-division, it was not possible. It took us about a year to find the home that we are now in and moved in August of 2002.  Since that time we have been working hard to get good quality Labradors for breeding purposes. It has not been an easy task.  We have had several males and females that have not been of breeding quality, something you really can not tell until they are about one year old. These have been placed in pet homes.

We go to known good breeders, both locally and out of state to get Labradors that we hope will add to the breed. We use Labradors for breeding that have been checked for hip dysplasia and genetic eye problems, (two of the most common problems with Labradors) You can look at information on our web site about both of these.

We strive with every litter we have to add to the Labrador Retriever breed. Raising puppies is a responsibility that we do not take lightly. Our puppies are all whelped in our house, handled daily and socialized with our family. When the pups are ready to go home at seven and one-half weeks, they have been wormed several times and have had their first shot. All our pups leave on a limited registration, (see AKC website for more information), unless arrangements for full registration are agreed upon before purchase.